Classic – No Poker, No Blackjack – Just Count the Suited Card Values within this Table Game to Win

Classic – No Poker, No Blackjack – Just Count the Suited Card Values within this Table Game to Win

31 Classic Game Objective

The goal of this table game is to possess a winning three card hands by mixing a place worth of 17 or greater with as many as three suited cards with different pre-determined pay table. The dealership doesn’t play. The purpose values are scored as with blackjack: 10-J-Q-K count 10, Aces will always be 11, and also the remaining cards count their face value.

Only suited cards are tallied to look for the point totals with one exception: 3 of the Kind (Journeys) could be totaled for any potential win.

How 31 Classic is Performed

This casino game is performed having a standard 52 card deck on the blackjack like table with seats for approximately seven players along with a house dealer. All players must first make an ante wager before play begins, An optional Natural 31 Bonus Wager may also be made in which the win is dependent upon the first three cards worked.

The dealership will pitch three cards to every player face lower, and something card face lower within the Draw position before each player, which remains face lower until play ends. After reviewing their three cards, all players must make 1 of 2 decisions:

– Fold – Players forfeit the ante and optional bets.

– Play – Create a Play wager comparable to the ante.

If your player helps make the play bet, all cards are revealed through the dealer to find out win/loss. The 4th card gives players an opportunity to enhance their total after they have designed a play bet. As reported by the aforementioned, only suited cards are totaled except for Three of the Kind (Journeys).

The next pay tables would be the winning amounts for that points proven around the Play wager. The Ante always pays 1-to-1 aside from Any 17 in which the bet pushes.

Base Game Pay Table

Hands Total Payout

Any 17 1-to-1

18-23. 1-to-1

24-27 2 to at least one

28-29 3 to at least one

30 4 to at least one

Journeys 6 to at least one

31 10 to at least one

Small-Royal 20 to at least one

Optional Natural 31 Bonus Pay Table

16-21 1-to-1

22-25. 5 to at least one

26-28 10 to at least one

29 to 30 15 to at least one

Journeys 30 to at least one

31 100 to at least one

Small-Royal 200 to at least one

House Edge

The Home Edge for that base game is all about 2.6%. The Home Edge for that optional Natural 31 bonus bet is all about 6.08%.


The next fundamental technique is suggested with this casino game:

Play for those who have:

– A suited 15 or better (two suited cards)

– 3 unsuited cards having a worth of 7 or greater

– A set of 7’s or better

 A set of 2’s – 6’s holding a suited 10 or better

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