Consider sports betting instead of gambling

Consider sports betting instead of gambling

If you’re reading this website you are most likely a gambler, and are betting on games of random chance or somegames in which skill and strategy play a part, such as blackjack or poker. There is a way to do sports betting without knowing too much about sport or the league in question, and then you can visit bookmakers like 1xBet to place your sports bet while treating it like gambling but having a better chance to win. This is how

Choose the correct markets

If you’re a gambler and wish to enter the world of poker tricks, you most likely don’t want to be reading all the sports news, you don’t want to become an expert in a sport or a competition, don’t want to know the names of players. You want a betting market that can easily let you place a bet on any sports game that’s on right now.

The most obvious betting market that suits your demands is the over/under market, where you’re betting on the number of points in a sports event. Regardless of which sport it is – association football, gridiron football, basketball, tennis, handball or anything else -your protocol for choosing whether to bet on over or under will be the same. You will study the statistics of previous matches and will lean one way or the other. It’s a two-sided market, same as red/black on roulette.

How to choose a bet

It’s quite possible that you’ll be more successful in betting just by looking at the statistics than the people who know too much about the sport and are trying to outsmart it but their conclusions are actually wrong.

Simply look at the overall statistics of over/under for both teams and both players, look at the average number of points in the league, look at the last matches of each team or player, and you’ll be able to come up with a number of expected points for the match you’re betting on. After that – not before – look at what the bookmaker is offering, and simply place a bet on theside that matches your own prediction.

If you look at the bookmaker’s line first, your judgement will be affected by it, so it’s better to come up with your own number first.

How to interpret the odds

Unlike red/black in roulette, the over/under bet on sports will have different odds for the over and the under based on which outcome is deemed more likely by the bookmaker. Expert sports gamblers know how to calculate the probabilities and they know how to find mathematical value. You need not worry about this, and can simply choose the bet thatmatches your initial prediction. Sometimes you’ll win more, sometimes you’ll win less.

Best sports for betting

If you want to gamble on sports, you will probably want quantity. Unlike people who regularly bet on sports, you’ll want to avoid betting on only a handful of matches every week, and will want something you can bet on every day. The most obvious choice are US sports like NBA or MLB as these are played every day, and there are a lot of matches you can bet on at the same time. Or choose association football, which is usually only played on weekends, but then you’ll have hundreds or thousands of matches you can bet onduring those two days, especially on Saturdays.

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