Countries with legal casino licenses

Countries with legal casino licenses

In order to legally provide online casino, betting and gambling services in sports betting, bingo, poker and other gambling, online casino providers must be licensed. Legitimate online casinos usually publish their license information in the footer of their website, and experienced players immediately scroll down the page when they first visit a casino to see what jurisdiction the certificate was issued in. However, online casino owners can choose from reliable jurisdictions whose licenses are valid in many countries. The most popular ones are described below.

The advantages of this small island in the Caribbean are zero percent casino profits, quick registration and low operating costs. The online casino provider is required to place computer power or, in other words, a server in Curacao. In addition, this jurisdiction offers an attractive tax regime for licensed casinos. This license is also very useful for players, as it guarantees that they will play their favorite slots or other games in a safe place and protected from unpleasant surprises. The main advantage of a download-free casino is that you don’t need to install any special software. Not everyone wants to cram your computer with various software that you don’t know if you’ll need in the future.

Is it safe to play with real money in a casino with instant play?

If the casino you choose has an impeccable reputation, an EU license and a high payout percentage, it is definitely worth playing in it. Certified establishments offer excellent conditions and opportunities for earning. Participants’ personal information is protected by various security systems and encrypted against fraudsters.

How to protect yourself from fraud

In order not to give your money to cheaters, you should choose the casino carefully. This is easy, if you take a comprehensive approach and analyze the pros and cons of the gambling establishment. You should also come up with a complex password, and it is advisable to change it every week. You should never leave your personal profile open when you leave, even for a few minutes. This is the only way to avoid trouble.

Casino operators must comply with a number of requirements, such as providing financial reports, protecting players’ personal data, and developing a responsible gaming policy. It is one of the most popular gambling jurisdictions in the world. Many legal online casinos in Europe operate under this license, including most of the online casino websites on the list above. Although no online casinos in the country are currently licensed, casino operators can obtain a license beginning in 2021 to offer online gambling to consumers.

Thanks to the House of Representatives, which passed the Remote Gambling Act, online casino providers can apply for a license with the Gambling Authority. License applications are expected to begin July 1, 2020.

What happens if a website is unreliable?

Not having a license puts the success of an online platform in doubt, as the operator cannot open a bank account or even host slot machines and table games because it requires an agreement with software developers, which is impossible without a license. Therefore, it is advisable to get to know the online casino before playing. If you have doubts about its activities, it is better to avoid this place.

When you play at a casino legally in another country, you will find many reliable payment options to complete your financial transactions, including depositing money. These are commonly known payment methods that are used in everyday life around the world. These payment methods are also very popular with casino players when they deposit their online casino accounts. These payment systems provide instant and secure transactions and charge low fees. You can easily use them to deposit money into your gaming account.

Although cryptocurrency is extremely popular among online casino fans around the world, you should check in advance if this method is supported by a particular casino, as not all gambling establishments yet offer to use this payment system. Nevertheless, there are many online gambling houses that offer certain games with cryptocurrency and run many generous promotions for those players who prefer this modern payment method.


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