Do Women Gamble the Same Way as Men?

Do Women Gamble the Same Way as Men?

Back in the days, gambling was preserve for men who usually associate with casino pubs and sports betting houses. The sad reality is that the gambling world has not been welcoming to women.

With the rapid growth of gambling and real money casinos online coming into the picture. This picture is now different. There is now an increase equality between male and female in gambling. In some countries, gambling laws are no longer excluding women and at some point, it will unlawful to do such.

But will all these laws being implemented to accommodate women? Most people will be curious to know if women can gamble the same way as men. Well, there is only one way of finding out.

The Gambling Statistics

Despite women given the greenlight to get involved in gambling activities. It remains clear that their male counterparts remains the majority with 57%. For male gambling is a very exciting activity. They gamble for amazing rewards as well as the risks that comes with gambling.

But with women it’s quite a different story. Women are believed to gamble for relaxation. They are not too aggressive in their gambling attitude compared to men.

The most interesting part is that women spend more time gambling compared to men. But they do so playing at very low stakes whereas male play with higher stakes.

Different Gambling Choices

There are considerable differences between how men and women gamble. These differences are quite interesting. These include:


According to a report by, every year, male lose an average of £3,709, 44. That is a drop over a £10 a day. On that same note, women lose out more at £2659.92 that is close to 250 a month.

Average Gambling Age

When it comes to gambling, the average age for men is 33. And for women its 29 this is the same as the average age of new mother in the UK and many parts of Europe.

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