Horse Racing Sport and Its Types

Horse Racing Sport and Its Types

Horse racing is a sport in which two or more horses participate and compete against each other in the field of racing. The decision of winning depends on the type of game or country. When there are more than ten horses then normally there are three winners like on first, second and thirst position respectively. But sometimes, games only consider one winner horse who first crosses the end line. Horse racing is played and watched almost in every country. People not only watch the horse racing game but also participate in it by betting on ahorse.

The sport of horse racing is not always the same as a horse running towards the ending point, but there are many other kinds of horse racing which are more fun to watch.

Horse racing is an interesting game to enjoy either you are enjoying the live match or watching it on screens. There are only a few sites who provide the authentic information about horse racing and TVG Network is one of them. Here you can conveniently know the scores of previous matches. And you have the facility to look up the schedule of upcoming horse racing events. All the information about the tracklist and handicapping are also available. You can visit this site anytime to have information about the previous as well as next horse racing events.

Flat Racing

Flat racing is the most common kind of horse racing. A couple of horses compete against each other and run over the specific distance which can vary from 400 meters to 3 miles.

Jump Racing

Jump racing is another kind of horse racing where the horse has to cross the different sizes of hurdles and obstacles. Jump racing is one of the dangerous game and exciting to watch at the same time.

Endurance Riding

Endurance riding is the kind of horse racing where the horse has to run on relatively a longer track or for thelonger time period. Speed is not an important matter in this kind of race. It just tests the endurance level of the horse. This is not a very famous kind of race but still played in few countries.

Harness Racing

In this type of racing, the horse not only have to endure the weight of himself and the jockey’s but he has to pull a two-wheeled cart. The jockey sits in the cart instead of sitting on horse’s back. This type is also not very famous.

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