How to successfully bluff in online poker game?

How to successfully bluff in online poker game?

Bluffing is an art that few have mastered in the agen poker idn world. It is extremely difficult to find a solid balance between bluffs, semi-bluffs and value bets. Before knowing how to switch between them, however, you need to understand what sets them apart.

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A bluff happens when a player bets in order to pretend that his hand is stronger than it really is. The result expected by the player is that the others fold, giving up the pot. If you are bluffing, never want the hand to go to showdown.


The semi-bluff is a little more complicated. It occurs when a player is pretending that his hand is stronger than reality. However, the difference with semi-bluffing is that most of the time your hand can still improve. If you have a straight and / or a flush, this is the best option.

Value bet

This is the most common bet in poker. Betting for value means betting when you think you have the best hand and want the opponent to call with a weaker hand.

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Tips to make buffing better

Now that you know the types of bets, you can now learn to bluff. There is no specific formula that explains the best situation or way to bluff. However, certain tips can help you be more successful in your bluffs.

First, it is absolutely essential that you consider your opponent’s hand range. If you are in a scenario where your opponent can only have strong hands, don’t bluff. On the contrary, try to bluff when your opponent’s range contains several hands of medium strength and speculative hands.

You need to know how much to bet to have the best results and profitability through bluffs in idn poker. The suggestion is that you choose one or two percentages of the pot and be consistent. The secret is to switch between the two values ​​regardless of the strength of your hand. That is, if you want to control the pot, bet by value and bluff by betting 40% of the pot. If you want to inflate the pot, then choose to bet around 70% of the pot – be it a bluff, be it a value bet. This will confuse opponents and make their decisions more complicated.

The final tip

Lastly, remember that not every pot needs to be won by you. One of the biggest problems for aggressive players does not know how to fold a pot. Bluffing is important and necessary, but if you overdo it you will end up becoming extremely predictable. Be smart and make bluffing a surprise factor in your game – if you learn to do it right, you will be one step closer to being a poker ace.


The mental part of poker is much more complex than this summary. There are poker coaches who work exclusively with the psychological side of the game. However, getting to know the concept of tilt and learning a little more about tells and bluffs is a good start. Keep focusing on your consistency and mental ability and you will soon see the results on the tables.

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