List Of Popular Cryptocurrencies To Look Out For In 2021

List Of Popular Cryptocurrencies To Look Out For In 2021

Cryptocurrencies have gained attention from global traders and investors. Many people are surprised at why everyone is chasing digital money. Is it worth it? Cryptocurrency is virtual money and works similarly to fiat currency without the physical embodiment. Cryptography is used, which disallows the third party to eavesdrop or steal communication data. Bitcoins make use of computational hashing algorithms like SHA-256. There are two keys – the public key is a digital identity that the user shares with everyone, while a private key is a digital signature the user keeps concealed.

  • Cryptocurrencies operate autonomously in a decentralized way without the government or banks regulating the process. New blocks are added after specific conditions are fulfilled.
  • The cost of the transaction is low.
  • No restrictions on purchases and withdrawals.
  • Unlike opening a bank account that needs specific documentation anyone can use cryptocurrency.
  • Global transactions are faster-paced than wire transfers.

Block technology is used, which is based on a peer-to-peer network for transaction operation. Due to the way it works cryptocurrency has found its way not just in different global sectors but even online casinos. On Bitone Core, you will find a lot of information about eligible crypto casinos. You can enjoy playing casino games using cryptocurrencies of any kind. Let’s understand the different types of cryptocurrencies available.

Bitcoin [BTC]

The cryptocurrency landscape was started with the introduction of Bitcoin in 2009 by Satoshi Nakamoto. It has caused a revolution in the world as an alternative payment method. Bitcoin is always a strong choice among investors to invest in and so is rightly called the ‘King of cryptocurrencies’. Despite its buoyancy, it is more stable in comparison. Bitcoin demand is rapidly rising and it is believed that if you invest today expect to enjoy three times huge profit in coming years. Due to the popularity of bitcoin, other kinds of digital currencies entered the crypto landscape.

Litecoin [LTC]

In 2011, Litecoin was released and it also features peer-to-peer technology like bitcoins. The main reason to invest in litecoin is its high liquidity. It has a comparatively huge market with limited supply in comparison to bitcoin. Even though the bitcoin market is globally strong, LTC stands as a strong opponent.

Ethereum [ETH]

In 2015, ethereum entered the cryptocurrency market. It has a solid amount of loyal users that helps to maintain a consistent market value. Ethereum is viewed as a ‘world computer’, which can decentralize the internet. Centralized servers are swapped with ‘nodes’ using ethereum. Worldwide volunteers thus form a world computer. The goal of the ethereum community is to create apps ranging from messaging to banking to fitness.

Basic Attention Token [BAT]

BAT is a transparent, decentralized digital ad platform founded on ethereum blockchain technology. Many components are employed to create BAT including a digital advertising exchange, where advertisers can buy ad space to grab user’s attention, content creators & publishers receive ad revenue and users are rewarded for their sharing. The BRAVE browser integrates BAT as it reveals a lot of potential. It delivers ads in a secure way and with enhanced ad matching features allows the users to enjoy a better experience.

New Economy Movement [NEM]

In 2015, NEM was launched and the symbol is decoded as ‘XEM’. The cryptocurrency is written in Java, C, and C++ languages. Young investors find NEM appealing because 100 times less energy is used in comparison to BTC. It is also a great platform to build different applications. The brains that created NEM feel that it can create a revolution in fields like loans, royalties, games, smart contracts, etc. It is a strong venture to invest in.


NEO was introduced by China in 2014. It is said to be China-based ethereum. It is sophisticated and uses enhanced tech. As Dr. Erik Zhang and Da HongFei are trusted and experienced, and the future of NEO is highly credible. It is a valued liquid asset investor can own. Currently, NEO’s value is gaining momentum and rising upwards.

Binance Coin [BNB]

The birth of the Binance Coin is in 2017. BNB was built to be used in paying travel expenses, flight tickets, and virtual gifts.

Binance Coin is owned by an established business, which makes it a friendly alternative for the cryptocurrency market. In the market cap, BNB stands among the top 10 coins.


Singapore launched TRON in 2017 by the CEO of a non-profitable organization Justin Sun. TRON purchased Bittorrent some years ago, so it ascends on the cryptocurrency list. Another reason TRON tops the list is that TRX or Tronix is among the ERC-20 tokens. TRON had more than three lakh accounts, which is less but its growth is impressive. Content consumers are paying content creators with Tronix to gain access to original materials.


EOS is believed to be ethereum’s replacement. EOS has broken all the barricades of ethereum, which cryptocurrency investors appreciate. EOS is not founded on blockchain like its competitors and there are no fees required to use this network. It has 21 gatekeepers that approve the transactions. Because of its vast dynamic community EOS finished a lucrative token sale. It gained the capital necessary to help it develop in the near future.


Ripple was released in 2012 and stopped and then re-released in 2018. In the market cap, Ripple stands third. It is not based on Blockchain technology but the concept is different from cryptocurrencies. It offers financial-based services to different banks making it possible for them to do direct transactions internationally. It has good relations with esteemed banks and financial institutions, which are prepared to approve the Ripple protocol.

Dash Coin

Evan Duffield is the father of Dash Coin, which entered the cryptocurrency arena in 2014. It was inspired by Litecoin. Dash Coin has master codes that help to improve transaction speed. Its market cap is approximately 2.4 billion and ranks 12th on the cryptocurrencies list.

Kyber Network [KNC]

Singapore-based Kyber Network enables asset exchange and conversion in digital forms. You don’t need to get registered or pay a membership fee to use Kyber. No confirmation is needed for every transaction on the blockchain. Thus tokens are exchanged instantly and securely.

Ox, TTN, and ICON are some other types of cryptocurrencies investors can consider. Besides bitcoin, all the other cryptocurrencies come under the ALTCOIN category. Currently, cryptocurrency is in its infancy but soon will come into the mainstream of the global market through a commitment from investors.

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