Online Poker V/s. Live Poker: What’s The Difference?

Online Poker V/s. Live Poker: What’s The Difference?

Poker is a well-liked game by players as it offers the excitement and thrill of betting. The bluffing is the main feature that can deliver good or bad results. The uncertainty of the results intrigues most players as they hone their skills to get more positive results. With the digital technology improving tremendously to enhance the user experience, players can now enjoy the online poker that offers the same excitement without going to the casinos.

Earlier, the difference between the live poker and online poker was drastic, but the innovative technology has facilitated in a lot of overlap between the two versions. Every top player now enjoys the live and online versions to improve their winning and enjoying at the same time. The main difference between the online and live poker versions are:

Bet Sizing

Players can enjoy different bet sizing in the online version as players can open for 3x, 2.5x or 2x according to their convenience. The real-time game involves players opening for 5x, 6x, or more even for small stake games.

Heads Up and Multi-way Pots

The live games usually follow the multi-way pots (many opponents) while the online version prefers the heads up pots also known as pre-flop betting. The players in live games can encounter the looser play as they can do a lot of calling. Therefore, the pre-flop betting will create the head up the situation in the live games.

Folding and Calling

The situs poker allows the players to make post-flop calls with medium/weak strength hands compared to the real-time games. Depending on the players as well as situation the big river bluffs occur in the real-time games. So, if the live poker is loose compared to the online players with their pre-flop calls, then the games tend to go in different direction.

The Game’s Pace

The most significant difference between the live and online poker game is the pace of the play. The online poker plays can enjoy the game at a faster pace compared to the live games. But, some players can find the game more tedious. The online games allow players to see 60 hands or more per hour at the table in the short-handed games (multi-table online).

It is due to the result of automatic dealing in the online poker, the shallow stack size, and the shot clock.

Bad Beats

The online players have experienced the bad beats (the players with strong hand ultimately lose the game) at more frequency compared to the live players.


The players in the live game are professionally skilled compared to the online players.

Ultimately, the convenience to play the game within the comforts of the home gives an edge to the online poker games as players can indulge in the game anytime they want. So, it is now gaining more popularity compared to the live games.

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