Some of the Best New Online Slots Games to Play in 2018

Some of the Best New Online Slots Games to Play in 2018

As an online slots fanatic, you are obviously continually looking for the best new titles in the medium. There are, as you know, countless awesome and ingenious new titles continuing to come out every single month.

Just at your online casino of choice you will find a myriad of excellent titles to play, and the owners of the site will ensure that the best new titles are being steadily added to their already impressive selection.

Online slots games continue to lead the ingenuity and leading talent in the online gambling world, continuing to uphold high standards of quality, service, and phenomenal wins. Let us now look at some of the best new games that have come out, which may end up being new favorites.


This title is very heavily influenced by the Wolf Run style games which Las Vegas veterans will know very well, having been in the casino mecca for a long time now. Some would even argue that CATS is simply a variation of the Wolf Run style.

The best part about CATS is probably their epic soundtrack and sound effects, which bring the awesome SFX of Siberian Storm to mind. The great part about CATS is that you will easily come across what are known as ‘double’ icon symbols.

Double icon symbols permit you to double your earnings once you manage to get enough of them lined up on a winning line. This bonus icon basically acts like a multiplier. CATS has an excellent free-to-play mode.

Quick Hit Platinum

Those that have been playing online slots games for a while will know the Quick Hit series to be one of the best. With Quick Hit Platinum comes the height of their design and implementation, with a sensational fusion of classic and modern slots game mechanics.

Quick Hit Platinum has expertly blended the traditional sights and sounds of BAR and 7 symbols into a vibrant and attractive graphical wonderland, as well as modern online slots features such as video slot features and free spin bonuses.

While the Quick Hit series may have been around for a long time now, they have recently begun to pick up in popularity incredibly, now featuring in most casinos in Las Vegas. This is quite a phenomenal performance, as only the most popular of slot games remain in fashion for many years, most of them seeing a decline in usage, while Quick Hit has had the opposite performance and come back to fashion.

Triple Diamond

Las Vegas veterans will know Triple Diamond quite well, as it one of the most legendary and prominent class 3-reel slot games in the ‘Diamond Slots’ class, as well as one of the most popularly acclaimed titles in the history of United States gaming history.

Despite how many decades the 3-reel setup has been around for now, it never seems to go out of fashion, and slots game enthusiasts continue to demand more and more of the traditional design in new games.

Games such as Triple Diamond excel in bringing out the most beautiful and elegant simplicity of this game design, and if you are looking for a game that sharpens up the classic design and implementation of 3-reel slots games, then this title is perfect for you.

Werewolf Wild

This is a really exciting title from Aristocrat. If you know Aristocrat games well, then you may believe that Werewolf Wild is another one of their standard 5 reel designs. The reality is that this title has introduced some original and fresh features that really do set it apart from the more traditional titles from this service provider.

Those well versed in Aristocrat content may believe that this game is very similar to their other titles at first, but once they get into the meat of the gameplay, they will be pleasantly be surprised with how much is different in this one.

With an interesting Wild and Scatter symbol system that comes into play once the game enters the ‘Night’ phase, and the on-screen graphics turn into a spooky and supernatural night-time scene, then you can expect to win big and go through to the ‘Unleashed Bonus Round’.

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