The Most Common Types of Online Casino Bonuses

The Most Common Types of Online Casino Bonuses

Online casino bonuses have become an important part of the industry, and there’s a good chance that you’ve come across them fairly often while browsing through the many dozens of different sites that inhabit the internet.

The primary premise behind these bonuses is attracting new players while simultaneously drawing those same players away from other casinos. Despite the fact that it’s a marketing tool, many bonuses tend to reward new players fairly well, and are worth keeping an eye out for.

These are some of the most popular casino bonuses on offer.

  1. No Deposit Bonuses

These are by far the most sought-after of all the bonuses. The casino gives you a chance to play some of their select games without you having to first make any kind of deposit. In extremely rare cases, you can even win real money, something that is more common with games like real slots NZ.

  1. Percentage Bonus

This is perhaps the most common type of bonus around, and one that best-suited for players looking to spend a fair amount of time with their chosen casino. If the casino offers a 50% percentage bonus, and you deposit $100, you will receive another $50 on top of that, which is added to your account.

  1. Matching Bonus

Very similar to the above-mentioned entry, a matching bonus is where the casino simply matches whatever you deposit, dollar-for-dollar. Taking that same $100 and depositing into your account will mean the casino will add a bonus $100 on top of that to use, essentially doubling the amount you have to play with.

  1. Reload Bonuses

Reload bonuses are almost exclusively offered to players that tend to keep returning to a casino a number of times in a row. The bonus itself won’t offer any unique rewards, but will instead come in the form of a matching or percentage bonus.

  1. Loyalty Bonus

This is one stop up from a reloaded bonus, and is aimed at those players that stay with a casino for long periods of time. Every time that player spends any money on a game, points will automatically be generated and added to the player’s account. These points accumulate over time, and eventually the player will be able to use them as in-house credit, allowing to play games without having to pay.

  1. Refer-A-Friend

This bonus is offered to players who bring in friends to try out the casino, after which the player will receive a bonus of some kind. It should be noted that both the player and their friend will need to verify the authenticity of the relationship and the invitation before the player is able to accept the reward.

  1. High Roller

High roller rewards are for those players that like to drop a lot of money at their favourite casino – which is usually in the realm of hundreds of dollars at a time, especially if the player is making big, once-off deposits. Rewards almost always come as percentage bonuses.

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