What affects the trust of players to the online casino

What affects the trust of players to the online casino

Mainly in order to assess the level of confidence of players in online gambling, scientists developed a unique mathematical model. Determining the level of user confidence in virtual gambling establishments allows you to find out exactly what the main factors affect the demand and popularity of online casinos.

Factors affecting the degree of users trust

There are a number of factors that have a direct impact on the level of trust in virtual casinos. Experts in this field have identified the five most significant:

  1. The overall reputation of the virtual institution. It is vital that the person received such information from authoritative sources.
  2. Comfortable interface and software. The user should be as satisfied as possible to be on the site, and he should not have problems with the software on the resource.
  3. High-quality support. Qualified consultants should always be in touch and provide extremely informative answers to users ‘ questions.
  4. Diversity games and the availability of rules to them.
  5. Availability and reliability of information about the company.

It should be noted that each of the above factors has a direct impact on the choice of the gambling establishment by the user.

 The results of sociological research

On the Internet surveyed the form of anonymous questionnaires, which helped to find out what exactly affects the degree of confidence of users in the casino online.

 The research was conducted only among experienced players who have long been familiar with the online gambling market, so their answers can be as useful as possible.

 It turned out that for most users the most important point is the content. This paragraph received 35% of the votes. Therefore, we can conclude that the credibility of the gambling establishments directly depends on how correctly to be prepared by the information unit on the resource.

The second place was given to the quality of the support service. It turned out that the players are highly valued for the ability to quickly obtain information at any time of the day from the qualified staff of the company. It was also noted that users appreciate honesty – the fulfillment of promises made by representatives of the institution.

 The third place according to the results of sociological research went to the design and software of the resource. The competent structure of the information block and comfortable use significantly increase the level of confidence of players. Negative information or errors have a very negative impact on the attitude of players to online casinos.


 The researchers found that the user when choosing a gambling establishment, first of all, pays attention to the information provided on the company’s website. Therefore, it can be concluded that the visitor should have access to extremely informative data about the gambling establishment, including the quality of SOFTWARE and the rating of the owner company among the players. Also, the degree of trust of the user can be influenced by the publication of reports of independent audit companies on the site, which contains payout ratios. The availability of such data greatly increases the confidence of players.

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