What is 4D Toto?

What is 4D Toto?

Lottery is a form of gamblingwhich most people participate into, as this offers them a chance to win large sums of money. Accordingly, people also partake in lotteries simply to enjoy playing them. Many people look forward to the thrill of winning the lottery jackpot, as this can enable them to shift their fortunes overnight.

What is 4D Toto?

4D Toto is a type of lottery game that is popular in Singapore and its neighboring countries. 4D Singapore online lottery is a computerized lottery system that produces large prizes.

Players select four digits from the range of 0000 to 9999 to form a 4D online bet. When they have their chosen four-digit number, they then have to place a $1 wager on it.

4D lucky drawings are drawn within three days. The prize money to be won by a player is determined by the prize class they fall into and the choices made on their 4D tickets.

​​​​​How to Play 4D Toto?

After choosing their 4-digit number to be on, players must decide if they will be placing a small or large stake with each bet they put. It is crucial to understand that the size of their wagers should be dependent on their interest and ability.

Consequently, players who place big wagers can win if their number is included in any of the 23 4-digit combinations drawn. Meanwhile, players placing small bets can only win a prize if their selected number lands on the top three winning 4-digit numbers.

Aside from deciding whether to place big or small bets, gamblers can also consider placing different types of bets: ordinary, 4D roll, system entry, iBet, and quick pick.

  • In ordinary 4D bet, players will choose a specific 4-digit number to place a wager on.
  • 4D roll betting involves betting for ten different entries. In this type of bet, gamblers will use ‘R’ to replace any digit in their preferred 4-digit number, and ‘R’ will stand for all 0-9 digits.
  • In system entry betting, bettors bet on all possible combinations of their chosen number.
  • iBet is similar to system entry, but with a bit of a twist. Bettors placing this bet can stretch their $1 stake regardless of the number of permutations their 4-digit number has.
  • Quick pick betting involves placing wagers on a random number generated by the computer.

Cost of Bets and Prizes  

In contrast with bets on online casino games and other betting games, 4D bets have a fixed price that varies depending on what type of bet bettors want to place.

For ordinary, iBet or quick pick, gamblers will need only to spend $1. For 4D Roll, they need to spend $10, as they are betting on ten 4-digit number combinations. Subsequently, gamblers placing bets on system entry have to pay $4 to $24.

Moreover, in 4D betting, there is also a fixed prize. This will depend on whether the gambler placed a big or small bet on ordinary, system entry, or 4D roll.

  • First place winners get $2000 if they placed a big stake amount, and $3000 if they wagered small;
  • Second place winners get $1000 for a big bet and $2000 for a small stake;
  • Third place winners will get $490 for big bets and $800 for small stake amounts;
  • Winners in the starter category will receive $250; and,
  • Bettors who win in consolation will get $60.

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