Why is Book of Ra so popular?

Why is Book of Ra so popular?

Few slots have stood the test of time as well as Novomatic’s legendary Book of Ra as well as its several alternate versions. This slot game remains so popular and it has almost a religious following, and the Explorer character is displayed on almost every slot machine club’s door in Europe as it remains the most recognizable character in gaming. But why is it so? What makes this game so good?

These questions obviously arise among slot players who are playing the modern slots, and they can’t figure out why would anyone want to play an outdated game with poor graphics, bare bones interface, and – worst of all – low theoretical payout percentage that all but guarantees a loss in the long run. Furthermore, how can a person not be bored with playing the same game for a decade?

The answer is that this is simply one of the best games ever made when it comes to playability and the player experience. The slot machine is set up almost perfectly. It has medium variance yet it offers a chance to win 5000x your bet on any given spin, the distribution of winnings is split in half between the base game and the free spins game, the average win in the free spins game is 82x total bet while the feature gets triggered every 175 spins in average. In short, the free spins game is profitable and is very exciting and can lead to huge wins. Book of Ra has low RTP so it’s not a restricted game when it comes to bonus wagering requirements, so many players use their bonus to increase their chances to land Explorer as their special expanding symbol during the Book of Ra free spins game.

When players do get bored of Book of Ra Classic, they can choose one of the other versions such as Book of Ra Deluxe and Book of Ra Deluxe 6 which have RTP of 95.10% and 95.03% respectively. It’s quite possible that most players these days don’t even play the Classic version anymore, but are choosing one of the alternate versions.

There are also many copies and clones of this evergreen game by the Austrian developer Novomatic, and we can tell what’s the most prominent and addictive feature in this game when we look at the clones. Each and every single clone is using the special expanding symbol as the centrepiece of the game, so it’s obvious that that’s the single thing that gets your heart racing. You want the best symbol – the Explorer – randomly chosen as the special expanding symbol, because if you simply land one Explorer on each of the five reels the Explorer symbols will expand to fill the entire reel and award you with a full-board win!,

That’s the single most exciting feature in Book of Ra and the reason why this retro game that a modern player wouldn’t look twice at remains so popular. It’s more playable than almost every other slot game ever released. Don’t believe us – just ask the people who are playing it.

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