Why Parx Casino and its Pennsylvania Sportsbook is Something You Can’t Miss!

Why Parx Casino and its Pennsylvania Sportsbook is Something You Can’t Miss!

Philadelphia’s culture of cuisine in its casinos provides us with excellent choices from all sides. You’ll find Parx Casino and its Pennsylvania Sportsbook 15 miles out of Philadelphia around the Bensalem region—the casino has been able to present the ideal combination of dining and entertainment. The casino has held events with music stars such as Rascal Flatts.

Parx Casino’s pair of new and superior restaurants, as well as its Pennsylvania Sportsbook, has been faced with overwhelmingly positive evaluations: Oliveto, an Italian restaurant, and The Liberty Bell Gastropub. Parx Casino holds firm in the belief that design and image go hand-in-hand with cuisine to produce a dining experience unlike any other.

“While we were coming up with these two new ideas, we have the desire to provide our customers with something they can’t get anywhere around here,” Martin Doyle mentioned. He is the Vice President of Parx Casino’s Food and Beverage and just gave news about the Pennsylvania Sportsbook.

“The notion of farm-to-fork has been happening at the Gastropub with a selection of 28 being offered on tap to the traditional Italian recipes right out of Little Italy, the pair of new venues are sure to stay on your mind every time you stop in town.”

You are brought into the Italian ambiance right away at Oliveto. From the style of the original brick walls to the tables with red checkered patterns, there’s an intermediate transmission of what to anticipate. Allow the gentle aroma waft over you from the kitchen as your mind tries to since what you will be enjoying momentarily.

The Gastropub is reliant upon it’s sleek, modern and prestigious design to take the place of each customer’s daily grind with an atmosphere of leisure. The Gastropub was designed explicitly for those who are looking to socialize. The pub feature 14 HD TVs and one 11 ft wide LED wall made up of any game or performance you could want.

Although the right atmosphere and mood could attract anyone, the thing that makes them stay is how the food actually tastes. Oliveto and the Gastropub definitely aren’t lacking in this area.

Oliveto offers a wide variety of Italian mainstays. Beginning with the appetizers, Oliveto greets you with strong starters like baked jumbo wings and fried calamari. Their salads and soups range from the crisp and fresh garden spring mix salad to the Italian wedding soup.

Oliveto brings the heat with the main dishes. From meatballs and spaghettoni to the penne alla Norma, the pasta brings the delicious zest directly to your table. Their Neapolitan pizzas in New York style are going to propel your palate to heaven including their wild meatball and mushroom and the classic white pizza.

Dozens of wine, cocktails and domestic beer such as Michelob Ultra, Yuengling and Twisted Tea are also served. The Gastropub grants its customers with a broad menu topped with different dishes that cater to anyone.

Their appetizers get you started off with braised short ribs and pub wings. Their salads and soups such as the seafood chowder are meant to get your appetite ready. Gourmet burgers like the crispy and truffle chicken burger are crowd pleasers.

The Gastropub offers dozens of draft and craft beer like Double Nickel Session IPA, Baddingtons, Boston Lager, Samuel Adams and so much more. Imported, domestic and craft bottles and a selection of wine and cocktails can be requested at the bar. Parx Casino cordially invites you to come to experience an evening packed with fun, laughter and the highest quality cuisine you can find with its Pennsylvania Sportsbook as well.

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